In Memory of Claire Wineland

Claire Wineland was an inspiration to a lot of people, incuding myself, as she shared her life with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) with the world. The disease is terminal and there is no cure. A person with CF's life can be extended greatly if a lung transplant is successful.
Claire died a few days after a successful double-lung transplant. She died after a blood clot blocked blood flow to the right side of her brain, leaving her paralyzed from the right down after she suffered a severe stroke. After some time, it became clear to the family that it was time to say goodbyes. They spent their last day together in her hospital room. She never awoke from her medically-enduced coma, and she died peacefully in her sleep.
Please support Claire and her family even after her great life by clicking the button below to donate to the foundation she created to support and help other people fighing her disease. You can learn more about Claire, the life she lead, and the things she did by clicking the button below. I wish I would've had the chance to meet her myself, she was one of the few who inspired me to keep moving through anything in life, no matter what it happened to be.

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Rest in Peace, Claire Wineland, April 10th, 1997 - September 2nd, 2018. | Image found on Claire's Place Foundation Instagram, which is linked directly above this text. | This website was made with love as a memorial for Claire Wineland. There are no ads, tracking, miners, or otherwise on this page. Please share it.